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About Onwards Solutions


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Our Approach

Our approach takes your business vision and objectives in mind and leverage technology to enable your organization to achieve them. Our security integrated approach means that you solution has your security and data in mind from the ground up, and avoid costly redesigns while mitigate your exposure to cyber risks. 

  • Solutions catered to your business – to match requirement, objectives and budget

  • Security-Minded approach – to avoid exposure to emerging cyber threats 

  • Modern Solutions – that matches today’s changing technology landscape

How We Work

Discover business goals before we start choosing a solution 

  • Making sure whatever you are doing matches what the business actually need 
  • Not what the sales is pushing or what everyone thinks is “cool” to do, etc.

Matching business requirements and budget 

  • Has to fit the business’s budget 
  • Has to make sense to the asks of the business 

Matching to business process and logics to enable and not create more work/inefficiency and ensure easy adoption of solution from staff

Future-proof solutions and agnostic approach 

  • Making sure what you choose is right for the future and not having to reinvest 
    • SMBs keep changing to whoever is supporting them and changing their solutions too quickly – big effort to adapt 
    • Less reliance on the company, putting more focus on the types of technology needed to achieve business goals 

Cyber-security in-mind and aware 

  • Not a separate item, integrated with the IT approaches 
  • With the questions and concerns in mind before putting the solution in place (ie. Compliance requirements, PII, protecting information, data sovereignty) 

We believe that SMB’s are often neglected and on their own, they struggle to find the right solution for their IT and technology needs. With our help and guidance with IT and technology implementation, together we can help maximum your return on your investment and avoid the high cost of continual change technology commitment.


Top 5 Cyber Threats Putting SMBs At Risk

Top 5 Cyber Threats Putting SMBs At Risk It can be a daunting world out there for SMBs trying to navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape. Cyber attacks, ransomware, and changing IT landscape challenge the ability of small businesses to safeguard [...]

How Do You Know If Technology Advisory Is For You?

1. Technology Goals

How does your choice of technology impact and transform your business? 

Whether you need guidance on choosing the right technology and roadmap for your business to meet today’s changing landscape, or picking a right endpoint or backup solution, Onward Solutions can provide you the strategic insight to help your technology decisions that meet your business requirements as well as reducing any risks related to such implementations.

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2. Investment

Where will you see your return on investment?

Businesses often struggle with the fast pace of technology and available options, and it can be difficult to find the right solution. IT and technology implementation when done correctly can help maximum your return on your investment and avoid the high cost of continual change technology commitment.

3. Technology Change

How to manage ongoing demand of technology and choose the right solution?

IT Assessment can help an organization identify key areas of risk to the business related to information systems, network, data and security. While there are various IT related assessment that are targeted at specific areas of information technology for an organization, our assessment is designed for SMB to not only help identify areas of improvements to reduce risk to the organization, but also help set prioritization based on risk areas and tolerance that matches your business.

4. Data Security

How to implement solutions that are secured and will keep your customer data safe?

Cyber criminals target users to gain unauthorized entries into organizations to gain access to sensitive data or for financial gains. Sophisticated defense and safeguards are often defeated via the human element. Is your organization aware of the emerging threats against your business and people? Are they able to identify potential attempts of fraud or malicious attempts, or even a target cyber-attack? Raising the overall security awareness of your staff can greatly reduce the risk of a cyber related incident such as phishing attempts or financial fraud.

5. Risk and Threats

What are the risks and threats to the business with all your implemented technology and solutions?

Majority of the common threats businesses face target your staff. Build a better business process to mitigate the risk of emerging cyber threats and improve the overall security hygiene of your organization starting where it may be most vulnerable. 

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