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Why Choose Onward Solutions

Whether you need guidance on choosing the right technology and roadmap for your business to meet today’s changing landscape, or picking a right endpoint or backup solution, Onward Solutions can provide you the strategic insight to help your technology decisions that meet your business requirements as well as reducing any risks related to such implementations. 

This can be challenging for most small businesses. While technology is relatively cheap to procure and implement, ongoing maintenance; proper support; ensuring business requirements are met can be difficult and daunting for small business to tackle. Onward Solutions provides our client strategic advice that helps navigate this complex landscape to help businesses achieve their goals and vision, leveraging technology that is available in this modern era in a secured fashion. 

Our Approach

We take your business vision and objectives in mind and leverage technology to enable your organization to achieve them. Our security integrated approach means that your solution has your security and data in mind from the ground up, and avoid costly redesigns while mitigate your exposure to cyber risks. 

  • Solutions catered to your business – to match requirement, objectives, and budget

  • Security-Minded approach – to mitigate risks from emerging cyber threats 

  • Modern Solutions – that matches today’s complex technology landscape

How We Work

Discover business objectives before choosing a solution 

  • Create a strategic roadmap matching your business requirements
  • Prioritize your IT spending to reduce immediate risk
  • Avoid high cost of continual change technology commitment

Matching your budget, expected ROI, and how you operate

  • Ensuring a matching to your expected return on investment with your IT spending
  • Alignment with your business and key stakeholder expectations
  • Empower your organization and reduce adoption challenges

Future-proof solutions and agnostic approach 

  • Making sure what you choose is right for the future
  • Reduce the need to constantly change your technology investment and support
  • Putting focus on technology needed to achieve business objectives

Cyber-security integrated approach

  • Putting an emphasis on securing your technology investment and data
  • Mitigate costly impact of cyber threats

We are committed to provide secured technology solutions that match our clients’ requirements, budgets, timeline, and expectations. Empowering our clients to achieve business goals and maximum their return on investment in technology.

Technology Advisory and Consultation

Companies who rely on technology often don’t have someone technological to implement IT projects. Instead they rely on external providers who might not fully understand the business objectives.

Here is where Onwards Solutions can act in an advisory role to connect the dots, ask better questions, and help reduce projects delays. Our goal is to help you build the IT roadmap and implement projects.

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IT Assessment

IT Assessment can help an organization identify key areas of risk to the business related to information systems, network, data and security. Our unique security-integrated approach ensures your environment can defend and safeguard your business against emerging cyber threats as well as the evolving technology landscape.  

  • Prioritize IT investments – to address key risk areas in your systems, network, data and processes

  • Security-integrated approach – to identify vulnerabilities and improve overall cybersecurity hygiene 

  • Provide a Strategic Roadmap – to ensure technology commitments meets business expectations, requirements, and budget

  • Highlight Process and Technology Gaps to help your organisation grow

Awareness Training

Cyber criminals target users to gain unauthorized access to sensitive company and customer data for financial gains. Build better business process to mitigate the risk of emerging cyber threats. Improve the overall security hygiene of your organization starting where it may be most vulnerable. 

  • Understand Assets – key drivers and motivations of the attackers 

  • Real-world Simulations – and presentations of common and potential threats businesses face. 

  • Increase Overall Security Awareness – Safeguard your organization from threats

  • Raise Security Hygiene – Help drive conversation towards IT and business improvements 

Our integrated-security approach delivers solutions that are secured with the protection of your information and business in mind.

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